Service credentials not retrieved for Salesforce, Zoho


I’m prototyping some integrations for a potential client of my company. We’re trying to do an integration with various CRMs, including Salesforce and Zoho.

I’ve noticed that when I try to execute the Get Service Credentials modules in Salesforce or Zoho assemblies, I get messages like these:

An error was reported by module [Service Credentials - Get #2]:

No connection found. Did you connect SalesForceCRM?

I did add Salesforce and Zoho in Connections in the automation editor, apparently successfully.

I don’t mean to get too far ahead of the conversation, but I noticed that the Zoho credentials do not look like the Zoho credentials I have acquired and successfully used in an API development environment (Postman). I also noticed that the Salesforce credentials are missing something called an instance_url, which I found was critical for making API calls to Salesforce. Just throwing that out there.

I suspect I would get this issue regardless of what OAuth API I tried to use; my training was over before we got to the OAuth exercises in the 500 section.

What do I do about this error?


Hi Ben,

There is a difference between OAuth API keys and account connections. Recommend you google “what is OAuth” to learn about it.

You will find that the Salesforce app assembly 0ad2b60ecd6541d885dc0c6713528aff verifies the instance_url is obtained during the OAuth workflow. Then you can see that Salesforce triggers and actions make use of the instance_url to make API calls.

The error you mention means the module did not find any account credentials in the database for the account you are using. That just means what it says, the module found no connected account in the database for the app. Apps are connected on the Connections screen in the automation editor.

Are you using the same system account in the automation editor as you are using in the assembly editor? The account name shows at the top right when you are signed in.


Hi Robert,

It seems to be working now. I checked that I was using the same system account in both the Automation and the Assembly editor, and while I was checking that, I found that some of the Salesforce assemblies had started working. Eventually I noticed that selecting “Salesforce” in Service Credentials returned working data, but some of the Service Credentials modules had selected “SalesforceCRM”.

Thanks for the reassurance that instance_url was getting used in the case of Salesforce, that obviously is working.

Incidentally, I can’t find any Zoho actions, I’m not sure how I determined yesterday that they weren’t working. I guess I’ll get to work on building those out.

Thanks for your help!


There are some implemented Zoho CRM actions in the catalog:

I can’t find any finished Zoho actions in the assembly editor, but I find some in the Automation Editor – how can that be?

You aren’t searching for the app’s name, which is “Zoho CRM”, not just “Zoho”.

By searching for just “Zoho” you are searching for that term in assembly names and descriptions.

When the search matches an app name exactly, all of its triggers and actions are returned.

Oh, got it! Thank you, Robert.