Selecting node name with VTD

How would you go about selecting the name of the first child node using VTD?

if I had the following, how would i select the node name (sodocumententry) so I can create a list?
I dont want to specifically hard code sodocumententry because depending on my results it may not be that specific name.

Ideally I want to use the node to enter into a .selectNodes(“node name”) to create a list. I am assuming there is an attribute or element method for that.

> <data>
> 	<sodocumententry>
> 	</sodocumententry>
> 	<sodocumententry>
> 	</sodocumententry>

IF I use this it works but like I said I want the nodename to be dynamic

List<VTDElement> list = doc_first.selectNodes("//sodocumententry");
    for (VTDElement el : list)

To select all nodes under <data>, use an XPath of: /data/*

See here to teach yourself more about XPath:

that makes sense. thanks