Searching records by automation path

I dont think it is currently possible but I am looking for a way to search for automation records based on the path they follow in the automation. Say there is a condition, I want to see the ones that were true for that particular condition. Is there any way to do that

Hi Brent,

That’s a great idea! I was hoping that it would already work by searching for a step number or step name in history, but seems to not be possible currently.

Will try to add that functionality into the next release. Only newly processed records going forward would be searchable like that, however.


thats great to hear. I just keep finding myself trying to search for records that did a certain thing and the only way to do it was going into each one and seeing what happened. being able to search by action # or step or something would make it much easier.

the other idea that i thought might be helpful is to filter the list by not just success/failure but by both and ignoring filtered, snoozed, etc. or being able to filter by just system messages including versions, turned on/off, etc.

Just ideas

Choosing “info” in the filter dropdown will show the entries for edits and on/off.

How would seeing both successes and failures at the same time be helpful?

for me it is when i want to see all transactions processed regardless of if it was success or error. I use it to see when/how many. the real use case for it is when i have an automation that filters many records so showing all processed but not seeing filtered makes it easier. not a big deal if it cant be done.

Is possible, was just curious about the use case. Seems like having a total count of success & failures would be helpful. Will see about providing in the next release.

FYI, the functionality to search automation history by an executed action step number in order to find data rows that are processed by certain conditional paths is now built and in the next release. Will only work for newly processed data going forward.

Also in the next release: