Saving a local temp file

I have an automation that receives an email from mailparser, sends a webhook with attachment data to apiant, then relays that file out to an sftp. since mailparser saves the attachment locally and renames it to a random guid, when i receive it in apiant i need to rename the file back to it’s original name before sending off to the sftp. I ended up (as a work around) using two bse64 conversion modules to handle this. First “fetch file content as base64” then using that content, the original filename, and the “save base64 as temp file” to resave it locally with the given name. looks to be working. just wanted to pass it along as a workaround and to see if you had a better way to do it

Nothing wrong using your approach, but maybe you could do a direct file rename by looking at the implementation here: 2afc022df29e4d148a17e5c4b07af2e1

That assembly demonstrates how to obtain the location of the tmp directory.