Salesforce Refresh Token?


I noticed that I had to disconnect Salesforce and then re-connect it in the Connections screen before a Salesforce action assembly could work this morning. The error I got before I did this was that the session ID had expired. Isn’t this because the access token expired? Do I need to do something in order to refresh the token in my assembly?

I looked at the Salesforce app assembly, and I noticed the use of the OAuth v2.0 Workflow. That’s where the access token should be getting refreshed, right?


App assemblies are only executed when an account is being connected. It is the logic to connect an account and validate the connection.

The OAuth Transaction module and its variants will automatically refresh OAuth v2.0 tokens when the module has a refresh token URL defined:

The Service Credentials - Get module also refreshes tokens as needed when retrieving connection information for an OAuth account that has a refresh URL defined.

It’s probably not related to OAuth token refreshing, we have many hundreds of live automations that do it. We also have lots of Salesforce automations that run ok.

If that error happens again, send me the assembly UUID and I will take a look at it.

Yes, it is happening again this morning. The assembly UUID is e3dacfcff0b647b28922178676d2091f.

I think whatever is happening is specific to dev.apiant. I don’t know who obtained the Salesforce API keys for dev.apiant, but perhaps that person configured them wrong such that access tokens expire after a day.

I have a connected Salesforce account in that has been connected for many, many months. I just did a test and it is still connected ok. We have many live automations using Salesforce that are working ok, too.

Either keep reconnecting your account in dev, or try obtaining your own set of Salesforce OAuth API keys to use.