Salesforce connection

Looking to set up the connection for sales force to use the New Opportunity trigger. Went into connections, connect an app, selected salesforce. Get the message “no API keys were found for salesforce.”

I do not see anywhere to enter an API key or anything. I am sure there is somewhere but I am not seeing it.


You need to obtain Salesforce OAuth API keys for your system and load them into the admin’s keychain, see

I knew it was hiding somewhere. Thanks

Hey Robert,

Folllow up question for this.

If you wanted to connect to multiple salesforce instances (different apiant accounts), how would you set up the keys in the keyvault to know which is which?

As far as I can tell, it will only use a single pair of keys across all the client accounts.

One set of OAuth keys is all that is needed to connect multiple customer Salesforce accounts.

Ok. I assumed they were account specific. thanks