Salesforce app - non-standard domains

Since salesforce is a community app, I wanted to know if you could change it to allow a supplied domain on connection setup instead of just being the default

I have a few clients who use their own domain which means i would have to copy everything i have for salesforce and make duplicate version. just doesnt seem like a great option as then i would need to keep track of multiple versions of the same app. Instead if you could specify the domain on connection setup, store it in the credentials, that would make it a viable solution for everyone.

I assume it would be as simple as adding an entry parameter.

Let me know your thoughts and if this is something we could do or not. If not then I will have to copy everything. Thanks

It is technically possible for us to make that change, but AltaVista would need to fund its development.

If interested in going down that path, contact Frederic via to further discuss.

Well Im sure that isnt going to happen. I was hoping it would be a simple change as in adding a dialog box or something.

I will have to copy and do it.


Sorry, it’s a non-trivial change that would have to be thoroughly tested to make sure it doesn’t break existing integrations.