Retry all from errors

When there is multiple errors in an automation you have the option of retry them individually or retry all. When retrying individual you can retry as is, modify data, or repull data. When retrying all you dont get that option and instead it just retries from the error point.

Would it be possible to add the option on retry all to retry all from trigger? Use the original trigger data and try to go through all the actions again? Usually if I have an issue that is more than one error it is a data issue from a previous step and i would like to roll back and rerun those actions as well.

Which automation number is this happening for? I can look up automations easier by number, not uuid:

this instance is specifically for c0b04c52f9974d9d8d1997bbc16ef995 but it is more of a generic question.

For this one I am doing a bulk data load before moving to the production sync. On the load it runs 2000 records at a time. If I had an error (say 50 records) i would have to do each individually or find a way to segregate them from the file in the trigger to process.

I guess another way to make this easy would to be able to filter the manage data records by success/failure and use that to remove them so they can easily be reran. Then I could rerun the original file and it would only pick up those records.

It sounds like you are using the “attempt to fetch data again” option as a workaround so that you get the side effect of action processing starting over from the beginning.

Seems what you really need is a separate option to “retry transaction starting from first action” that appears after choosing either “re-use stored data” or “manually edit stored data”. Plus for that new option to appear after choosing the “retry all errors” button at the top. Then for those scenarios action processing can be optionally started from the 1st action instead of continuing from the last failed action.

Would that do what you need?

Mostly, yes.

I dont use the attempt option ever as it never seemed to work right for me. If I need to retry from the first action I would always just use the manually edit and then change nothing. that kicks it off from the beginning again. If there was an option on the retry all that allowed one to start from the first action, that would be great.

also, i noticed if you retry all it caps it at 25 records. is that normal?

Will make a note to add that new option I described.

Seems the “retry all” from the 2nd-level history drilldown is currently being performed on just the records loaded into the browser, which is 25 at a time. Will make a note to change that. In the meantime, a workaround is to scroll down so more records are loaded into view.

ah. ok that makes sense.

appreciate it

Hi Brent,

Wanted to let you know the above functionality is now in the forthcoming system release.


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Hi Brent,

Also, this issue is now fixed in the forthcoming system release.