Recalling unsaved assemblies

Not sure if this is something you have looked into but I had an instance where I was working on a new assembly for a while, stepped away and my computer decided that right then was a great time to reboot and install updates. Needless to say I lost all my work.

I know the system auto saves assemblies when they already exist and you can recover those but is there a way to recover an assembly that was say under “Unnamed 4” for example. Seems to want to sometimes recover unnamed 1 but that is about the limits

The recovery of all-new assemblies is not reliable, especially multiple ones. Building assemblies from scratch is not commonly done, copying existing ones is the general pattern.

I don’t see any auto-saves in your database for today, so it seems they are lost.

That is what I assumed. I am building something for a new app and was working on it last night. Walked away to handle something and boom, lost it all. Unfortunate.