Question on Assignment 109 -- Others' Log-in/Log-outs

When I log into, I can see the log-in and log-out of people who I don’t know. Why can I see that information?

The server is a shared system. The admin console is for administering the system. Your account is given access to the admin console just for training purposes.

OK, I get it. My account has admin access for training purposes. Is there an exercise that uses that admin access, though? Also, will you revoke admin access from training accounts? It seems to me like I wouldn’t want to depend on the keys in the public keyvault for any development, if training accounts have admin access. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

I don’t remember all the training assignments, don’t know if any use admin access or not.

I operate the server and am aware of the possible negative impacts from training on development. At some point we may have a separate training server if the number of people needing training gets out of hand or if training negatively impacts development. Thus far training on the dev server has been ok.

Hi Robert,

Got it, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you for your patience as you deal with my questions.