Previous records are not getting trigger (YourMemberShip)

We’ve configured a two-way-sync (YourMemberShip<>HubSpot) connector for one of our client which is working absolutely fine but only for new records. The client has given a few lists of records which are not getting trigger only from YourMemberShip side. When I update those records, it simply does not get trigger at all but when I create new records, it gets a trigger and work with creates/update both, the problem only with those few old records. I’ve also checked database dump and find out those records are perfectly mapped with each-other. Could help me what could be the issue or help me with an alternative way to re-sync those records again. Everything is in Marici server.

Thank you in advance


You can use the new 2ws management functionality introduced in v6.40:

Initial records loaded when a polling automation first runs will not be mapped:

You can delete those records by hovering over them and using the Delete button on the right side. Then the next time the automation processes them they should become mapped.