Pre-release v6.06 installed in DEV

A pre-release of v6.06 has been installed into the DEV environment for testing.

Developers, please note the following enhancements:

Baseline “v1” modules in the Assembly Editor previously used a preceding “$” to denote literal string values when entered or wired into data path dropdown controls. New baseline “v2” modules are now being introduced that reverse this behavior. Instead of literal string values needing a preceding “$”, it is the data paths that need a preceding “xpath:” to indicate that the value is to be treated as a data path. Data path dropdown controls within new v2 modules will now precede all available data paths with “xpath:” in their dropdown lists. Baseline v1 modules are being deprecated and marked private. Assemblies that use these deprecated modules will continue to work as before. Baseline v1 modules that have been replaced with new v2 versions are the following: XML Builder, XML Row Builder, JSON Builder, JSON Array Builder, Simple DB INSERT, Simple DB SELECT, Simple DB DELETE, Data Rows - Loop, Conditional Loop, Conditional Execution [Data Stream], Mutex Semaphore, Iterator, Fetch Paginated Results - Breadcrumbs, Fetch Paginated Results - Iterator, Action Two-Way Sync, and Subassembly Output (Sync Action).

The new v2 version of the XML Builder and XML Row Builder modules will now automatically wrap values with CDATA when formatted as <node>VALX</node>.

The Conditional Loop module has been renamed to Data Rows - Conditional Loop.

The info area at the lower left of the Assembly Editor now uses the Stream Inspector’s 3rd-party code editor to display data instead of a standard browser text view. This results in the info area displaying data raw without the browser automatically translating certain characters and escape sequences.

An example of the v2 changes can be seen here:

Compare that with the v1 version here: