Parse array elements

question about the expected functionality of the parse array elements action. I am receiving a field that should contain two values separated by vertical bar ( xxx|123 ). i would expect when i pass this through, it should return an array with two values, [1] = xxx, [2] = 123. if i passed in a value that was missing the bar, i think i should be returned a single output for the entire input. what i am seeing instead is it splits each character into an array.

in the example, i would expect “Daniel” to be a value 1 in a single array.
is my understanding incorrect or is something not functioning correctly?

Hi Brent,

This is one of many system actions that will be updated in the next system release, primarily to improve automation processing performance. Your screenshot shows that version of the action took 106ms to complete. The new version should be over 10x faster.

I have gone ahead and patched your main system with the new version of that action. The new version looks to fix that problem.

Please give it another try and see, it should now return the single value as expected.


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just ran today and looks like it is still splitting by each character even with the bar present.

Ah, I was testing in the assembly editor but it wasn’t working from an automation b/c a pipe is a special character for the java split().

Should be fixed now in your main system, sorry about that!

no worries. appreciate it