Outbound email handling

I currently have an automation that consolidates ACH payments from intacct and sends a payment summary email to each respective vendor. The email is sent out using the basic email module. The from email address is the clients billing email. Unfortunately trying to do it this way causes validation issues on the receiving end and many are getting rejected. I believe this is due to an IP conflict of the domain on the email not matching the address of the server it is being sent from.

What would be the best way to handle this? Is there a way to route the emails through the clients end easily? Or can we set up a “clients name@our own domain.com” to use for the email. Or am i just going about this all wrong and there is a better way to send the emails?


(the action in question is 21cdd746af9149d9868fb28eda187926 if you want to review)

You need to use an email service provider like SendGrid for sending transactional emails.

Thanks. I will look into that

Been working with the client and they do not want to use an outside product like sendgrid. Just said “security reasons”. Instead they want to setup an smtp relay. Do you think that would resolve the issue?

We are not an email solution provider. Behind the scenes your server uses Amazon SES as the default email delivery provider. The problem w/ SES is that you need to verify the “from” addresses in advance. But since it is an “external provider” it sounds like they don’t want you to use Amazon for email delivery.

You need to find a way to solve your email problem by making API calls to an external service that handles the SMTP relay. Or build your own SMTP relay solution on another server you control and make calls to it from your APIANT system.

Can you tell me a little more with how the from address is verified? Also, when sending out emails using our own login email, how is that verified and handled? I never thought about that but when we send an email from apiant to an outside email the address is our own email but clearly we arent using our own email server to handle this, no record in our outbox, etc.

From addresses are verified with Amazon SES manually. I have to enter the email address into SES, SES sends a validation email to ensure the address is owned, then the validation link within the email has to be opened to complete the validation.

Ok. that makes a bit more sense now. So this all goes back to the same issue i was having above. They dont want to use any third party email handling service (claiming security issues, denied sendgrid, outlook, etc) and instead now want to setup SPF authentication on their end. From my understanding (and email handling is not my forte) with that in place we could send emails on their behalf using their email address as the from without issues. they would just need the from domain or IP to set it up and that should cover it. from your knowledge does that sound right?

You will have to use an email service of some sort to send the outbound email. The system is currently using Amazon SES. If you don’t want to use that, then you need to find another solution for email delivery and integrate it somehow into your automations.