Magento 1 OAuth calls

I have the app set up for Magento v1 (oauth 1) which works properly, retrieving the token and storing. everything is great there.

When trying to use the oauth transaction module to make any calls, i received a 500 error.
If I use the same provided credentials (consumer key/secret and token/secret) in postman I can pull data just fine. no error.

Just wanted to know if you have any experience here or any ideas that could help.


500 errors are tricky unless they send back an error message explaining why.

When something works in postman or curl but not in the assembly editor, try the following:

  • send a Content-Type header

  • send an Accept header

  • send a User-Agent header

Sometimes 500 errors can mean trouble with SSL.

If all else fails, use inline Java or PHP to make the API calls. Generally PHP is more likely to succeed.

I am getting a 500 - service temporarily unavailable. I am not getting a SSL negotiation failed so im assuming that isnt it.

I am assuming you are fluent with postman. I am using a basic oauth 1.0 providing the consumer secret/key and token/secret. I also just realized that it is set to add authorization data to header. this gives me the content-type header and a temporary header authorization with the key, token, signature, etc etc. I tried to copy/paste the given values from both over to apiant and still receive the error.

Tried adding every combination of individual headers i could. content, user-agent, etc etc. all identical 500 error.

Really not sure what the issue is here

I was able to access your system and determine adding this header works:

well dang. that was simple.

Appreciate the help. now i can finally get going on this.