Limiting user catalog access

Can a user be configured to only allow them to access the published catalog and none of the other items within the system?

To clarify, say I have 10 accounts and I want one to be completely independent. I only want it to access the public standard catalog and nothing that the other 9 accounts have created but the other 9 accounts I want to work as normal and still have access to anything published within those 9. Can that be done?

I know you can turn off account switching but that was all i was familiar with.

Hi Brent,

One mechanism the system has is that catalog content can be made either public or private, and private items can be shared with selected accounts.

The other mechanism is that the system supports multi-tenancy, where each tenant has its own database, storage, and group of accounts. Your system is not licensed for multi-tenancy afaik and would require discussing with Frederic.

So if public/private catalog items and sharing will suffice, you can do that from the assembly editor. Right-click on items in the catalog and use the Make Private option to make them private, then right-click on them again and use the Share option to share the private item with one or more accounts.

Let me know if you need further help or info about this. Stay safe!