Issue in Automation editor

Hi Robert,

We have faced a couple of issues in Automation Editor.

  1. We have tried to create a new connector and while adding a trigger, not showing dropdown for “account” where we can choose an existing account.

  2. “New or updated custom object (Marici)” this trigger assembly can not able to see in production, although we have already a connector using this trigger.

I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.




#1 the dropdown to choose from multiple accounts only appears when multiple accounts are already connected.

#2 that assembly is private in prod. Let me know the email address of the account it needs to be shared with

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#1 Yes, there are two accounts configured with this account. So, it should reflect in the drop down but it does not. We have also tried by re-configuring them again. We are facing this issue in the dev environment while we are trying to create new connector.

#2 Email address for account “”.The assembly already shared with this account and one connector also there using this but when I create new automation than can not able to see this.


1 - which account in dev are you using?

2 - the assembly is shared with that account in prod now

Also, you submitted an assembly review from dev using account Please don’t do that, as I have no way to contact you back with the review notes. Submit reviews from an account that has an email address you own so you can receive review feedback, thanks. I have published 20f5535ae21748dc862aa6cbd1663414 to prod and shared with the same account above.

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