Is it possible to pass the different test data on the selection of accounts?


We’ve developed an assembly [8bd4cc9e946e46ae88557652287dc930] to get the purchase order details from the Tipalti where the customer has 2 separate sandboxes one for the UK and another for the USA. Assembly should behave on the selection of account connected!

Here, I observed that test data from 1 account won’t work with another account it throws me an error into automation/assembly editor! Do we have a way to pass the different test data on the selection of accounts? I believe the creation of 2 separate assemblies won’t be the only option!

What test data do you mean? The ones in the Action module?

If so, you cannot automatically change it based on a selected account.

Nor is there any need to do it, since the test data is only used when testing in the Assembly Editor. You can put test data in notes beside the module and copy/paste when testing based on different accounts.


Robert, Yes I was talking about Testdata mentioned into Action Input module.

The action data what I’ve mentioned into assembly is only valid for USA account. Now, I am trying to configure action in Automation editor and click on Save button [UK Account Selected From Dropdown], it executes in the background and considered test data as input and thrown an error cause there is a mismatch between test data and account configuration.

USA Account TestData = c0f19cdb36614651
UK Account TestData = 086ed1fb17014e11

Can action takes input what we have provided into the action input field while configuring the connector from automation editor?

I have also attached the screenshot which may help to troubleshoot the issue.


The automation editor is running the action b/c you have dynamic output fields here:

So you need to build the action in a manner where it can emit the output fields, without using the test data.

This assembly demonstrates how it is done for a Salesforce “find object record” action: c047d08133c145e28f37db95442909c0

Thanks, Robert It works!