Idea: which account when switching to assembly editor

I have noticed that if I am logged in as account1 and switch to account2 through the automation editor, it opens a new tab for that account2. Great. If i then go into the assembly editor from the account2 tab, it will always open under account1. I would then have to switch to account to again in the assembly editor.

Ideally, when opening the assembly editor, it would by default use the account of the tab you are currently in.

The changing of account after the new tab opens isnt a big deal in itself, what i have found is when it opens as the first account, it will ask if i want to continue my session. If I answer no, it wipes my previous session. If i answer yes, i then have to wait for all the tabs to load before being able to switch to the account i wanted to work in, and then close all the previous tabs.

just seems like a simple change that would help with productivity when using multiple accounts.

Great idea, will get that added into the next system release!