Http trans 409 status without failure

I have a system im working with that when creating an object, if there is a conflict (ie. that ID already exists) then it will return the ID of the existing record. Since it does that with a 409 status, the http trans module automatically fails so there is no way to parse the data out.

Is there a way to bypass or override the failure there? ideally i could just take the received data, parse out the returned id, and continue on my merry way.


To override error handling behavior of the HTTP Transaction module variants, open its settings and disable the “halt assembly if error” option. Then use one or more Fatal Error modules to implement your desired error trapping, usually based on the returned HTTP status code:

Be aware that for actions, the system’s auto-retry functionality is based on configured error messages. In particular, 5xx errors received by HTTP Transaction modules are auto-retried based on this string pattern:

So if you use a Fatal Error module and emit an error message that is not referenced by the system’s configured list of auto-retry error substrings, the trapped error will not be auto-retried.

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