How Webhooks responds in HTTP or HTTPS?

I’m curious, how “Webhook” module responds. I mean if I visit a site for webhook URL it generates (just like Webhook module generate an URL: and I can use this URL to POST any data working fine by POSTMAN and when I look back in for the response after posting data, it’s giving me proper output but responds in HTTP (not HTTPS).

Now above both, the URLs are not acceptable by Clover’s webhook registration because of HTTPS issue. The Clover is throwing an error like “URL is not reachable”.

If I visit and again follow the same process for generating and registering the Webhook URL then it’s working for POSTMAN and Clover both. I’m able to register webhook URL generated by pipedream in Clover without any error.

Could you help me understand this issue or there is anything I missed?


Starting in v6.37 a webhook that the APIANT system receives only responds with a HTTP status code of 200 for success or 500 if the system is locked for maintenance via the admin console. is redirecting the URL to HTTP b/c they don’t implement SSL. Clover apparently doesn’t like that.

Cleared about thanks for it.

Just want to confirm, it will solve the problem of registering the Webhook URL generated by “Webhook module” for the Clover application?

Clover sends webhooks to the protocol thread, so you should not be using the webhook module.

See this Clover trigger: b19057a569074ccc85b883ff242bdcfe

And the Clover protocol thread: b150752eb3d64e0d8148318b2259ab64

Yes understood!, Just tested and it’s working perfect. Thank you so much Robert.