Handling empty/missing values

I have an action that retrieves data rows from salesforce for a particular object. The query is handling the lookup and will return a series of nodes, in particular the employee. sometimes it is present and sometimes there isnt one.




<Employee__r json_null="true"/>

so the issue comes in when passing these values through. the output of this action is passed through a loop to a series of other actions where the intacct_id__c field is used. on the second example, that field doesnt exist, so instead of leaving it blank for that loop iteration, it automatically uses the next one.

I know we discussed this before and i thought you added something to normalize the outputs but i dont remember what.

The Data Rows - Standardize Schema module should do what you need, which is to have each XML row have the same schema so that emitted arrays all have the same number of elements.

perfect. thanks. i knew there was one just couldnt remember what it was