Forms - file upload - retaining file name

I found that when building a form trigger and using the file upload element that the file is stored with a generated name. is there a way to retain the file name? I need to be able to retrieve a file through the trigger and then upload to an sftp source but keep the original file name.

Is not supported at the moment. Will see if possible to patch your system to support that. If so can probably be patched within an hour or two.

if possible, that would be great. either that or a way to pass the original name through and then rename the generated file. both could work and i could see being able to rename the file having use later

Have patched your main system to add this option to retain the original filename:

Clear your browser cache and reload to get the patch.

Let us know if you need anything else!


Thanks. functionality wise, how does it handle duplicates? say someone uploads the same file twice, just overwrites? error?

That’s why the default behavior is to give uploaded files random names, to avoid collisions.

If the same filename exists, it will be overwritten.

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that works. i just have a use case where they need to retain the name for tracking. just wanted to know what would happen if they do it twice. thanks

thanks robert, even I found it useful.