Forms - calendar object

Is there a calendar object available for forms? just not seeing it and making sure im not missing something. if there isn’t, that would come in handy. being able to select a date and format the date in whatever format you want.

Not yet, is on our to-do list.

What we have been doing ourselves is to embed a Calendly inline widget via the HTML Renderer control.

got it. my idea for a use case is embedding a form into another system to trigger an automation. that automation may require a date range as part of the data so using a calender object would let them select two dates and preformat it for the automation. just help prevent user input issues that could happen with open text

In the meantime, you could use stepper controls or dropdown pick lists for the month/day/year as a way to at least receive only numeric values in certain ranges.

yeah that could work. thanks

FYI, a date time picker control has been added to the form designer in the next release:

Allows for selecting a single date, a single date & time, a date range, or a date and time range!

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