Fetch paginated results - counter in payload

for the fetch paginated results moduled you normally put the counter in the url. is it able to accommodate using it in the payload body? i have a use case where the page is listed as part of the json body and need to loop through there

Hi Brent,

We don’t have a test case demonstrating that, but looking at the module’s implementation it seems it should work if you need to put the counter inside of a POST payload here:

Let us know if you discover it doesn’t work as needed.


I will give it a try to confirm. thanks

appears to work with the caveat that you cannot use the COUNTER in the json builder. you need to set the payload static or use a text builder to accomplish it

Yes, the JSON Builder module requires that the output be valid JSON, but you probably need to place the COUNTER text in the position of a numeric field.

Glad it worked!