ETL : Two-way sync Id not reflecting into database dump


We are doing ETL between two application i.e. YourMembership and HubSpot for Two-way sync automation.
We have developed assembly which generates two-way sync id. About 2 or 3 months ago, using this assembly we have performed ETL which worked perfectly.
Yesterday we have performed 1038 records for the generation of two-way sync, Assembly executes successfully but records did not reflect into Database dump yesterday, Today we checked again and found that some of the record’s two-way sync Id reflected but not all.

Could you help me with what’s the exact issue?

Most likely your ETL assembly has a bug.

Run your ETL assembly in debug mode in the assembly editor and process a limited number of records. Check the results of the load via the database dump until you find missing records. Then troubleshoot your issue using the debug info in the assembly editor.

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