Enhancements installed into dev.apiant.com

The following automation editor enhancements have been installed into dev.apiant for testing:

  1. Conditionals in the automation editor can now be moved up/down.

  2. Additional actions and conditionals can now be added after conditionals in the automation editor.

  3. Conditionals and actions in the automation editor can now be freely moved around anywhere via the up/down arrows that appear when the items are moused over. This includes moving items to and from conditional branches.

Please let me know if you find any issues with the new functionality.

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Another new enhancement has been installed into dev.apiant:

Individual actions can now be copy-pasted. Choose the “Copy this item” link here:

Then the action can be pasted into any destination via “Paste item”:

Actions can be pasted into different automations.

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It’s like Christmas in January! Copy/Paste actions between automations, that’s just sick. :smiley:

Moving Conditionals up down, adding in between apps, etc. is working great for me. Super powerful!:robot: