Dynamic unique id value in trigger

I have a trigger that is able to run whatever sql query you put in it and return the records. Since it is able to run any query, that means the data behind it can change. What i would like to do is be able to read the first record to get the fields and push that to a populated entry in the trigger. So when you run the trigger you can say here is my query, here is the number of rows i want to emit (passing that value to the emit items module) and here is the field to use for unique id values.

how would i pass the field set into a populated drop down to select?

Have you examined the existing MySQL “any new row” trigger? It does what you describe and can be adapted for other databases:

uuid = f8ab2f46f0ef482a8202490649086172

I have not but I will definitely take a look. thanks

For the populated dropdowns, pay attention to their “sequence” number.

It is how a selection made in the first dropdown affects what gets fetched to load the second dropdown, and so forth.