Default connection not showing on list

Not sure why but for Sage Intacct, in my connections, there isnt a default value anymore on the list. all other apps have a default but for some reason intacct doesnt. i wanted to change it for some testing but am unable to.

Can you take a look?

(I did close, clear cache, etc. and still no go)

as a side note, when i try to do anything using the default connection, it throws an error saying “no connection found”.

This really blocks me since nested modules only use the default connection

Taking a look in the database to see if the default account is really there or not.

Strange, the default connection went MIA.

Have added an empty entry into the database just so you can reconnect it:

Let me know if you can figure out what made the Default connection disappear.

seems to be working now. No idea on how it disappeared. I just went to reconnect it to test something, entered the credentials, hit save and it disappeared. havent ever seen it do that before

Thanks for the info, will see if I can reproduce. Maybe what happened is that the entered credentials were wrong and it caused the default account to be removed…which led to the dead end in not being able to reconnect it.

Hmm, I’m unable to reproduce. Please let me know if you see it happen again.