Debug Logs for Automations?


Where can I get debug logs for automations? I’m sorry to ask this again. I’ve tried going to, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

In the past I’ve been manually triggering my automations, and during that process I can see debug logs. But now I have an automation with a webhook, and I can’t see any log activity in this new situation.


An automation only generates debug logs when it executes.

You can access the system’s webhooks log to see if the incoming webhook is being received and processed:

Thank you, I can now see the webhooks log…is a version with user-private logging planned?

My automation, which uses a webhook, has (mostly) successfully executed several times, however, the webhook log seems to only display data related to the webhook execution. I am interested in seeing the logs from the execution of the other components of my automation. Where are those?

It’s a global webhook log. Only developers granted permission and the system admin can access.

See page 58 here to access an automation’s debug logs:

Oh, it’s the History menu item! Thanks for that. I didn’t realize. Sorry for the bother.