Data rows sort - zero values

Hi Robert,

It appears that the sort module handles 0 and blank as the same.

I have a series being sorted by check number. some are blank, some have values, and some of those are just 0. It sorts the rows with actual check numbers to the end with all the zero and null at the beginning.

problem is the zeros and blanks are mixed together. below you can see what i mean

It is being sorted by column 2, column 5, column 7 in order.
You can see in column 7 that the zeros are mixed with the blanks and the values are at the end.
I would expect it to be blanks, zeros, then values.

let me know if im seeing this wrong or not. thanks

Hi Brent,

You are right. This was only happening for the browser-side implementation that runs in the assembly editor. The Java server-side implementation was sorting empty values as expected.

Have patched your system with a fix.


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