Consolidated Automations Error Log Report

It is a fairly common request for clients with multiple automations to want a consolidated report of their automations daily/weekly. Since by default each automation error is sent as it errors I am looking at the best way to consolidate the errors into a single report.

The best idea i have so far is for each error, write an entry into the lookup tables. Then on whatever cadence, query the table to retrieve any errors, parse, build report, and send. The main catch i see with this is I would have to have fatal error handling with post processing at every possible fail point and if it ends up being a server side script error then i would not catch it.

The other option i supposed would be to push all the automated error emails to a unique folder and then pick them up and process like above.

Do you have any ideas on how best to handle this or have you already done something similar?

There is already an option here under account settings to get a daily digest of automation alerts from all automations in the account:

The hourly option is also a digest from all automations in the account.

You could set up an email inbox to receive daily digest emails and then build an automation to watch that inbox and then aggregate them into a weekly digest, e.g. using the Collector system app to dump the received emails into a bucket then have another automation dump the bucket once a week to email the aggregated content.

So basically for any sort of aggregated reporting use the Collector app to aggregate content into a bucket and then dump the bucket on whatever schedule is needed.

i guess i never noticed that part. with the daily, does it process all errors in a single email or does it send a batch? I assume it is the same as the hourly, just a longer window.

In the long run what i would like to do is parse the errors (if any), sort by automation, and interpret them into something a bit more understandable by a non-dev (the latter is clearly on me to figure out). Ideally a system table could be referenced to retrieve in a more easily read format than a straight text email, whether that be collector, lookup table, etc. im good with any of them.

The Daily and Hourly options are a single digest email for all automations in the account.

To make error messages easier to understand for end users, you can use Alert mappings:

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