Connection reset error/random connection wire?

I am trying to deal with an error that started popping up recently and wanted to see if you could shine any light on it.

This is for aa5688c3be81464888b52b0338cf76f0

The automation is for paying invoices that have been created (in a separate automation).
The trigger retrieves a list of invoices and their payment amount. the first action is to use the client ID from the trigger and retrieve the client master data. This is where it keeps intermittently failing and kicking out a connection reset error. on 3/1 it failed like the first 50 rows then let the other 80 or so process. It did something similar the previous sunday as well.

The second first step in the action is to retrieve the session ID to be used in the action. I took a look and found the subassembly looks off, random wire going to nothing.
(ID a084dd345bfd477e858407fc24b90032).

Not sure really what is going on as i havent changed anything in months and it was working great until recently. maybe an update caused an issue there and thats why there is a wire to nothing. no idea to be honest.

Can you take a look and let me know if you have any clue here?

Hi Brent,

A connection reset error would be unrelated to the dangling wire. Connection resets would happen when network communication to the external system is interrupted.

The initial version of a084dd345bfd477e858407fc24b90032 does not have the dangling wire, but all subsequent versions do:

Might be best to open the initial version, incorporate the changes present in the latest version, then save that as the latest version. Then re-open the latest version to confirm the dangling wire is gone.