"com.ximpleware.EOFException" in Data Streams - Join Nodes

I’ve used a few “Data Streams - Join Nodes” in subassembly but at the last one, I’m getting an error like: “com.ximpleware.EOFException: permature EOF reached, XML document incomplete”
This error only occurring in automation, not in the assembly editor.
The main trigger assembly where subassembly is being used: 3e00133caf13484888fbecf667dd1b85
The subassembly where “Data Streams - Join Nodes” modules are being used: 5bc455e17f4d439f83de90f997b417d6

Let me know you need more information from my side.


Will investigate.

In the meantime, if you need a quick workaround use Java code.

Understood! I’ll ask client if they can wait for while then we’ll wait or use the Java code.


The issue has been fixed in dev.apiant and will be in the next system release.

Thanks for fixing it.