Cannot use split screen anymore

I assume this came along with the most recent update. I use a 21:9 screen (2560x1080). Typically i will split the screen to half browser tab for apiant and half either a spreadsheet or notepad++. It appears now that the screen size is no longer supported for that.

is this something we can fix or just cant do it anymore?


How much wider do you have to make the left screen until it appears?

looks like 1280 (width) it fails, 1281 and its good

Right. Is 1280 too small of a limit for you? Does it leave enough room for the right side?

What is happening is that we have lots of new customers recently and some are trying to use phones to access the system. We are wanting to avoid that.

The UI isn’t yet designed to scale down to small display resolutions. I can use the Assembly Editor on an iPad Pro and small laptops, but not phones.

i can adjust to a 55-45 split if i need. i didnt know if it was a planned limitation or just leftover from another change.

If you send me the number of horizontal pixels you need for your ideal split I can see about supporting that in the next release. Sorry for the unexpected behavior.

so if i split 50/50 the full window would be 1280. i would assume that would work. the only thing i can think is it is looking at the internal window measurement and the scrollbar is taking away from that 1280 and that is the issue. at least that is my guess. so i would think anything over 1250-1260 would be good. i can get exact if you need it

I’ll try to patch your system when I get a chance, then we can lock in the value before the next release.

Will let you know when the patch is ready to try.

no rush. i can work around it. just wanted to bring it up. thanks

Have patched your system so the assembly editor will appear with a horz size of down to 1150 pixels rather than 1280.

Clear your browser cache and reload the editor to get the patch.

it works now. thanks