Business Central <--> Apiant

Wanted to see if you have ever set up Business Central in Apiant.

We have potentially a lot of clients who would use it and are trying to get it going but keep having issues. Able to get the initial connection using AAD and getting a token back but it seems as if everything we have tried to query fails.

Someone else in the office said they had massive issues getting BC set up on another platform so I am guessing it is par for the course.

Just wanted to see if you have done anything with it or not and if so was going to pick your brain.

Hi Brent,

Nope, haven’t worked with that system yet.

Feel free to post any issues here and I will try to help with it.

Ok thanks. Working on it now and I will bring any questions that I cant figure out.

IF you get bored and want to build it out for public use I wont be heartbroken at all…