Automation was timed out after 299 seconds

One of our clients has been notified with “Automation timeout error”. Error full description below.

1 occurrence of this alert:

Automation #4314 [(Akron) Connector 1: When a contact is created/updated in 360Alumni <> create/update in DonorPerf…] timed out

Automation was timed out after 299 seconds based on your subscription plan’s timeout limit.

Timeouts can occur due to network communication issues, API issues, or when the automation processes too much data.

Infrequent timeouts generally do not represent an issue; however, frequent timeouts may indicate some type of issue.

Frequent timeouts that occur due to processing too much data may mean you need to upgrade your subscription plan to one with a longer timeout limit so this automation can run longer and complete its work.

We’ve informed them, how automation’s trigger work and what could be the issue for “time-out”. The error message is very clear for loading too much data at a time or subscription plan.

But it seems like the client is not much satisfied with my answer. Could you clear some more points like why does it happen and how to avoid in future?


I wrote the error message, so I don’t have anything else to add about why it happens or what to do about it.

Contact Frederic if you need to upgrade the client’s subscription to have longer timeouts.

Yes, error logs is clear message, I just wanted to confirm. Thank you for your time.