Automation summary output

Im trying to find the best way to handle creating an automation summary document. Once an automation completes, it summarizes the actions, maybe includes some relevant fields, etc. The data itself doesnt matter. What I am looking for help is on what would be the best way to handle this.

for example. Say I have a file with 10 rows I am processing through the trigger. Each row creates a new record. That runs through a few actions, etc, etc. At the end, I would like to build a document that says row 1, id, status, etc
row 2, id, status, etc
and so on…

All the ways i can think of would create 10 individual documents and not combine them into 1. any ideas?

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Hi Brent,

I have added the Lookup Tables app to your system:

Many of the actions are for reading, writing, and deleting values into the system’s database, with various scope options.

I would use the scope of “automation”. First when the automation starts processing you would delete existing values. Then as the automation runs write summary data into the database. Then read the values to create the report.

Let me know if you need help figuring it out…

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ok. so if I had an action within the loop like so…

at the end of the automation, what would i use to get the information out? when i used the lookup i couldn’t see that action to reference

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Here are the available actions:

So if you wanted to do something like counting within your loop, you would first initialize the count to zero before the loop via “save value”. Then in the loop after your action you “get value”. Then use a javascript action to increment the count. Then the “save value” action to save the incremented value. Then at the end of the loop use “get value” to get the final total.

Ok that makes sense on getting it from within a loop.

When the automation completes, how do i recall all the values to create a summary output file of sorts?

Use as many “get value” actions as needed to fetch them. Then would seemingly be best to build a custom action to accept those values as input and generate the summary report. Then that custom action could output that report as text and you could do something like email it with another action.

ok. Does the same apply if you are calling an automation from within another automation? can it return values from there as well?

Yes, but you must choose to use “global” scope for all the get/save/delete value actions so they can be accessed across automations.

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ok. so i want to save multiple values so i use this to save them and set it as global with group/key being distinct to the run i am saving. this example runs daily so i should be able to save it with the date key and store all the values i need there. right?

Then after when i need to look them up I can use the same group/key to retrieve them.

Is there a way to map values from actions into the value areas above? it doesnt seem like you can insert them the same way. only allows typing text into those bottom fields

Yes, using the date as a key would work ok for a daily report.

Sorry, you cannot data-map fields into that multi-value control.

Thats a bummer. would have made it easier. so do each of them individually. got it

It is possible for you to copy either the single save action or the multi save action and figure out an easier way. You could build your custom action to accept multiple fields. Then revise the assembly logic to process them all. Just sort of depends on if you want to build an action to re-use again down the line, or if you want to use lots of the existing actions in your automation.

Im guessing no way to save as an array and return an array as well is there?

ideally i have the group/key pair as the daily report with say 10 rows of 4 fields. I cant save 10 values to each of those fields can i? I would have to rename each field with a sequential count to save the next row.

Assuming that is right, on the get, there is no way to get all values or all values by group/key? i would have to know the number of time i looped to know how many times to lookup. right?

honestly, im just trying to find the easiest way to build a simple table at the end of the automation.

Sorry, I led you wrong. Use the “my account” scope for your values to access across automations.

The actions just store and retrieve a string value. You could in theory design your string to contain an array, but then you have to write your own storage and retrieval logic to know how to parse your array

hmmm ok. I expected this to be pretty straight forward and underestimated getting simple data out. Going to have to dive back in and see if maybe i can find an easier way to arrange the trigger/action outputs to accomplish it.


Might help to examine the assemblies of the Lookup Table actions, might be easier to build your needed logic at the assembly level.