Automation editor condition on array

If you use a variable array on a conditional, how will it respond?

For example. the trigger emits a header with 3 rows and one row has a value of true, the other two false. you place a condition saying if that if the row has a true value do this otherwise do that. will it recognize the true in the array and pass it down appropriately or will it recognize only the first value? will it even work on an array?

Conditionals are not aware of arrays. To process arrays, use a Loop with a Conditional embedded within.

The Loop cannot directly process trigger data rows, however. You have to jump through a hoop and use this action to convert the desired trigger data field to an array that can then be supplied to the Loop:

rehashing this again.

from a trigger i have a single record, the first action is to retrieve all the rows for that record. I want to verify the correct data is populated for a certain field on each row. If it is there i want to use all the rows together to process the trigger.

i dont think the loop would get what i need. Is there a way to use a condition to say if field A is not null for any of the rows then true else false?

No, you would have to do that type of logic in Java code within an action.

that is what i assumed. worth a check though. thanks