Automation conditional help

I am currently running an automation that retrieves a set of records. each record is then referenced to see if it exists in another system. if it does not exist then it should be deleted in the first system.

As you can see the first action retrieves all records for a single project in salesforce.
Then it checks each record to see if it exists in intacct. This action is iterated to search each record individually.
Then the condition checks the row count to see if it exists. the condition is if row count is lessthan 1.
The true leg then should delete any record that had zero rows returned.

My test had 32 rows where only one needs to be deleted. When I ran it, all 32 records were attempted to be deleted instead of just the single record. It is as if the condition sees any value as true and sends everything that way.

What would be the proper way to only send the records as needed down the true condition to be deleted and the rest pass to false where nothing happens?

The data rows need to be emitted by a trigger, not an action.

Otherwise all the row-by-row processing logic has to be within a single action.

gotcha. was just trying to test the rest and didnt think about that part.