Assignment 403 -- What does "Remove the body" mean?


I just want to double-check that assignment 403 is currently describing an old version of the Email action? It looks like the Body field has been removed and the line item amount and description have already been added.


Sorry for the confusion, the goal is to take 953447cc165c490f839fe83ec740a23d as a starting point and modify it.

Action 6eada7f2ee02452288073f72907a5130 you were using is another developer’s solution (that is broken).

OK – I think I got it. Working on 403 shortly.

Would it be possible for you to explain why I was able to use that other developer’s assembly? I guess that aspect of Apiant would become clearer to me if I had a team to work on the 200 and 300 level assignments together.

That seems kind of weird, in the automation editor I picked what I thought was the publicly available E-mail action, but as part of that a privately available custom version was available to me?

The other developer set his assembly to be public, so is available for all to see.