Assignment 111 -- number of selected values did not match


I’m still working on assignment 111; this time, the first automation, the one with the collector action, is giving this debug output:

Error = Error reported while executing “Action #1 (Collector - Collect items into a bucket)”: The number of selected values did not match the number of selected keys, key groups, or value names.

Here is a screenshot of the collector action, as well.


What is happening is that your trigger is emitted arrays of field values and the Collector action is not able to handle array data as input.

I will revise the Collector action to support array data. Will let you know when fixed, should be tomorrow.

Hi Robert,

OK – does this have to do with some unexpected behavior I saw in Assignment 110? It seems like I only received 1 e-mail from Assignment 110, and that e-mail contained a PDF with multiple news items, whereas the training manual seems to say I should have received multiple e-mails, one email with one PDF attachment, each with a single news item, for every news item in the RSS channel. That was probably caused by a change in implementation in that URL app from the time the manual was written to now, correct?


I have updated the Collector “collect items into a bucket” action so it should support an array of input values.

The training assignments are a couple of years old and lots of system changes have been made in the meantime. Will refresh the training when I get a chance.

OK, it looks like I’ve successfully completed assignment 111 then! Thanks!