Assignment 111 -- Apiant Hangs with "Validating your entries"


For Assignment 111 in the training, it seems that Apiant hangs with a spinning Apiant icon and a message, “Validating your entries…” when creating the trigger for the second automation.

I did copy and paste the collector name from the first automation, so I don’t think I made a typo there. Also, I picked the option “All New Items in Bucket” when making the second automation.

I did restart my computer and disable my cache.


Hmm, I will need the steps you are doing so I can reproduce.

You can also do some troubleshooting yourself by running the automation editor in debug mode via

A debug window will appear. Any errors in red are usually bad, especially if you see one when the UI hangs. Usually that means a JavaScript error has happened and the UI cannot recover.

Running the automation editor in debug mode is also useful when you are building app/trigger/action assemblies and something doesn’t work as expected when constructing automations or connecting accounts. You can trace the execution of the assemblies via the debug window.

Hi Robert,

OK, here are some steps. I think I’m just following the steps in assignment 111.

  1. In the Automation Editor, I clicked Create Automation.
  2. I clicked the plus icon on the left hand side, the trigger side, and searched for “URL”. I selected the resulting icon that is called, “URL” and select “Any XML or JSON data fetched” in the box that appeared.
  3. I copied and pasted the URL for the web service that I created for assignment 101; I got that URL by opening the Assembly Editor in a new tab and eventually right-clicking my 101 assembly and selecting the Get Web Service URL option. Back in the Automation Editor, I inputted that URL and then clicked “Fetch Data”. NOTE: when trying to follow these steps just now, Apiant also hangs with a “Fetching data” message at that point. Last week it wasn’t doing that.
  4. On the right hand side, I clicked the plus icon, searched for “Collector”, selected “all new items into bucket” and then named it, “BenAssignment111Collector”.
  5. I saved that automation, named it “BenAssignment111”, and turned it on.
  6. I then created a new automation.
  7. I searched for a Collector item on the left hand side, the trigger side, and entered “BenAssignment111Collector” as the name. I then clicked the OK button.

At that point, the system seems to hang on “Validating your entries…”

I did just check the debugger, and I see the following error message:

Mon Dec 10 2018 12:50:42 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Assembly [All new items in bucket] Module [Text Entry Parameter (Validated) #1] Invoking validation subassembly with value [BenAssignment111Collector]
ERROR @appModules/_mixinSubmodule.lzx≈458: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘p’ of null

That’s the exact same error message I see when doing the step to input the web service URL in the URL trigger, which was my step 3:

Mon Dec 10 2018 12:54:47 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Assembly [Any XML or JSON data fetched] Module [Text Entry Parameter (Validated) #1] Invoking validation subassembly with value []
ERROR @appModules/_mixinSubmodule.lzx≈458: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘p’ of null


Sorry, was a bug introduced by this weekend’s system upgrade.

I have patched the dev system with a fix. Clear your browser cache and reload the automation editor to get the patch.

Let me know if fixed or not, thanks.

It’s working now, thanks!