Assembly editor - zoom slider

Trying to zoom out on an assembly and each time i try to use the slider the page freezes. 10 seconds later it comes back and nothing else happened. no zoom or anything.

Which assembly uuid?

Any of them. doesnt matter.

I tried closing out and restarting the browser and same thing. Most GUI changes usually cause the screen to hiccup (ie. hide the catalog, close tabs, zoom, etc)

zooming seems to be the only one that doesnt do anything after the hiccup. other actions all will do what i wanted.

Assembly diagram zooming is super smooth and fast for me.

The zoom functionality is just doing a CSS transform in the browser. Performance is entirely up to your hardware. I have a 5-year old 5K iMac.

Do you have a modern computer and a good graphics card? Does it happen in all browsers?

Sorry, busy week and delayed in getting back.

Im sure it isnt a hardware performance issue. 6 core i7, 16gb ram, SSD, and GTX 1050ti. shouldnt be anything slowing me down there.

Appears to be chrome specific. tried with edge and it was fluid.

I use Chrome and have no performance issues.

Perhaps your Chrome browser is not utilizing hardware acceleration. Check your settings.

hardware acceleration is turned on. not sure. i can mess with it and see.

If not caused by the hardware acceleration setting, then perhaps you have a browser extension installed that is interfering.

Whatever is happening is being caused by your browser or hardware. All the zoom does is change the CSS scaling. All the processing is done by the browser and hardware.

ok thanks. i will check it out when i have time. appreciate the help

Just an FYI follow up. With the new release, everything is perfectly smooth now. slider, zoom, etc

That’s interesting. There was a change made to the UI library to fix fuzziness that was shown by HTML5 canvas elements due to high-DPI displays, but I don’t see why that fix would have helped the zoom performance.