Apiant Freezing during executing assembly

I have noticed the occasional glitch lately.
When executing and assembly in the editor, it will run for a bit as normal. Screen is semi greyed out and the pop up for Executing Assembly is in the middle with the count going.

Then the pop up will blank out but stay there. the screen is still greyed out but i can still scroll and see the background move. It wont let me save, exit, click, anything.

I have to close and reopen and attempt to reload from autosave but sometimes that wasnt soon enough and end up losing work.

It does not happen every time but enough that I have noticed it. Probably 5-6 times in the last week.

I am using Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

here is a screen shot for reference.

You are probably freezing your browser by processing too much data. Only process enough data to build the assembly in the browser. Usually just 1 or 2 data rows is all you need to build assemblies.